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The world is constantly changing; today more than ever before. Dealing with paradoxes has become a condition for all leaders who are to navigate through unpredictability, uncertainty and complexity which can create confusion and, at worst, chaos for leaders of all levels.

At Business Institute we wish to create insight, understanding, and a broad perspective so a direction can be set, and space can be created for development and drive. To support that imperative, we have conducted a comprehensive survey among Danish managers this year and completed an analysis of the forces and dynamics that are most urgent for businesses to respond to. We have also evaluated megatrends in a global context to provide an even more far-reaching perspective on how the business environment will change over the coming decade. Our aim is create a coherent understanding of, as well as insight into, current and future leadership challenges.

The survey has resulted in this leadership report which is Business Institute’s contribution to the current and future dialogue on expectations for contemporary management in a complex world. In addition to the leadership report, Business Institute made a collaboration with the Accreditation Board and 50 leaders, creating a report about the (inter)national reactions to the findings and issues presented in the report. You can read the report on both co-creation processes here

Management Challenges Towards 2020

The following focal points are the result of the expressed leadership challenges from the respondents in Business Institute’s own leadership survey: ‘2020: Spotlight on Future Leadership’.


The ‘CEO NOW Leadership Report 2018’ has its main starting point in the 5 megatrends which are globally acknowledged. In 2016, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) composed a report that identifies the five main megatrends of today. This report is linked to a report composed by the UN in collaboration with Willis Tower Watson 2017, in which they also describe and explain the five megatrends based on expert opinions and a worldwide survey.

In this context, the definition of a megatrend is: a globally recognized macroeconomic and geostrategic force that affects our world today and is expected to shape and transform our future for many years to come. The five global megatrends are:

  1. The shift in economic power from the West to developing countries
  2. Climate change and lack of raw materials
  3. Aging and social change
  4. Technological breakthroughs
  5. Rapid urbanization

To express this leadership report’s most focal points, the following model has been created to illustrate the cohesion of the report’s elements: